Southern Inyo

Double Century 

California Triple Crown Test Ride

Saturday April 5, 2014

Start/Finish Dow Villa Motel

Lone Pine, California

Start Time 6:15 am

Course closes when last rider finishes

Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce Web Site

The Dow Villa Motel

The Dow Villa is the host facility. They have special rates for the Southern Inyo Double Century.


Highway 395 near and Olancha

Test Ride: For any new double century to be added to the California Triple Crown Double  Century Series it must first go threw a review process that includes a test ride. This process is necessary to ensure that all new and future events meet the high standards set forth by the California Triple Crown. The review is being led by Chuck Bramwell the Executive Director of the California Triple Crown. Chuck is also leading the test ride. Anyone riding the test ride will be assured priority registration for the 2015 edition. The 2015 edition on will only offer 75 spots. If you wish to be part of this event in 2015 it is important that you ride and finish this test ride. It is the only way to be assured you will have a spot in 2015.

The course showcases the scenic beauty of Southern Inyo County, the Cal Trans 395 Four Lane and Shoulder Project. It will also showcase Mother Nature and all the treats she has in store.

Highway 395 has had a reputation of not being a safe or friendly place to ride a bicycle. Cal Trans District 9 has recently completed a massive four lane and shoulder project the puts that rumer to rest  creating an 8 foot shoulder the runs from Pearsonville in Southern Inyo to Mammoth Lakes and beyond.

The Southern Inyo Double Century "TEST RIDE" is a beautiful 200 mile course  on well maintained bicycle friendly state and county highways. It sets between Mount Whitney and Death Valley National Park. The scenic beauty is is second to none. The film and automobile industry spend millions of dollars every year filming commercials and movies on these roads. You will be riding between the Sierra, the Inyo, (White Mountain Range) and Coso Range.

State Highway 395 has undergone a massive shoulder project. They added a huge bicycle friendly shoulder that runs from Pearsonville to Bishop. Alongside the worlds most advanced fibre optic cable. Digital 395 brings brings tomorrows technology to the "Wild West." State Highways 190 and 136 were recently resurfaced for miles and miles of smooth riding

All roads on this event are in perfect condition and as rider friendly as any in the California Triple Crown Series. There are no steep Sierra climbs. The parts of Horseshoe Meadows and Whitney Portals Roads are not in the legendary steep areas they are known for. All the climbs on this ride will get your attention.

Weather in the spring is usually cold in the early morning until sun rise. Wind is always an issue in the desert. This ride will be no exception. All the data on this ride points to easy. Remember there are no easy doubles.Like all the desert rides in the CTC if you come mentally and phyisically prepared to deal  with the wind it will not be an issue. With that said this is the desert. The wind may not blow at all. All riders must be prepaired to deal with and dress for any condition.

Emergency Services. Both The Lone Pine and Olancha/Cartago Fire Departments serve this course and Lone Pine has a 24 hour emergency room and regional hospital.

The course is 200 miles and 8,047' of climbing. As with all desert rides cold, heat, hydration, wind, will all play a part in how your ride plays out. The course is not as flat as it looks or sounds. You will get a taste of everything that makes a double world class in a world class venue.

support, water, ice, soda, and electrolytes, will be provided by Inyo Ultra. You provide and carry all essential calories. Bring a sack lunch! .  We will have bag drop system that will be explained with ride conformation.

Rider Limit. The rider limit is 75 riders.

Rules and the "Vehicle Code" All riders must comply with the California Vehicle Code. We are sharing the roads with other motorists, cyclists, or visitors, visiting Inyo County. Be respectful, don't get in anybody's space. We are a small group and we just need to blend in and have a good time.


Entry Fee -- $30.00

To register please send email to Hugh Murphy at include your Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Emergency Contact, Emergency Contact Phone Number,the number they can be contacted at during the event. Then make a check for $30.00 payable to Hugh Murphy and mail it to Hugh Murphy--PO Box 87--Cartago, Ca 93549. When I receive your check you will receive an email conformation.





Course Photographs

All pictures are taken on the course

Mount Whitney Portals Road

View of Sierra from Alabama Hills


Tuttle Creek Canyon

The Death Valley National Park Boundary on Hwy 190 our turnaround point.


Highway 136 (east) at the Owens River


Highway 136 (west) at Owens River

Gun Sight Pass on Hwy 190 (east)

Owens Lake from Hwy 190. The Sierra on the left. The Inyo's on the right

Descending Gun Sight Pass. Returning to the Owens Valley

Hwy 190 (west) between DVNP and Gun Sight


Looking across the Owens Dry Lake from Highway 190