Southern Inyo Double-Double

The Southern Inyo Highland Double-Double (SIDD) has been added to the 2019 California Triple Crown Schedule. That’s two CTC doubles in one weekend.  Two fully supported doubles. That’s 400 miles and two CTC doubles in the books.

The low  motel rates make for an affordable weekend, just a few hours from most of Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Bakersfield. The airport at Inyo Kern is 8.5 miles from the start finish. Commercial flights–Los Angeles, Ontario, and Las Vegas can serve you well. We have a local bike shop that bikes and such can be shipped to. TJ Frisbee in Ridgecrest 760 375-4202

The Southern Inyo Double-Double is March 2, 2019 – March 3, 2019.

201 West Inyo Kern Road
Ridgecrest, CA
760 446-2554
$68.00 single $78.00 Double is our group price. Early Check in and Late Checkout available. The EconoLodge is an extremely nice facility located in a nice area adjacent to the main entrance to the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station. There is a Pizza Factory and Espresso Parlor in short walking distance. Free parking for non registered guests.

The course opens at 04:00 (last start 05:00) Saturday March 2, 2019 and closes at 23:59 Saturday March 2, 2019
The course reopens at 05:00 (last start 05:30)Sunday March 3, 2019 and closes at 23:59 Sunday

Early starts will be allowed for slower riders that  have a personal support vehicle. The rest stop opening/closing times are based on a 04:00 Saturday and 05:00 Sunday start time with 20mph opening and 10 mph closing times. All early starts must submit strava data, no exceptions.

Personal Support Vehicles
All personal support vehicles must register with us and agree to provide support to riders in the area your rider is riding. Leap Frog support only. No direct follow, no vehicular hand-off’s.  All riders and support vehicles must remember this is an endurance challenge, not a race.

The course is a combination of the Southern Inyo Highland Double Century and last summers Inyo by Moonlight Double Century course. There is only 17 miles of course overlap and a combined total of a dozen or less stop signs and stop lights.
The SIDD comes in at 400.4 miles with 19,806′ of gain.

Ride with GPS data:

The Southern Inyo Highland Double/Double is an Extreme Ultra Endurance Cycling Challenge. It can be ridden as two double century rides with a full nights sleep in between or straight through. Straight through riders MUST have a support vehicle. You will pass the start finish at mile 80 and mile 200 this will give you opportunities to restock and plan your sleep break so you don’t have to deal with sleep deprivation. Keep in mind that sleep deprivation is considered, enforced, and prosecuted as DUI.

Personal Support Vehicles are allowed but must register at check in. Leap Frog support only. Direct follow and vehicle handoffs are not allowed. All riders, crews, and event staff must comply with the California Vehicle Code and any related rules imposed by the event organizer or the California Department of Transportation. Failure to comply will result in DNF or DQ, or no volunteer credit, and/or a citation from law enforcement. Keep in mind that sleep deprivation is considered, enforced, and prosecuted as DUI.

Weather Conditions Our new courses and venue avoids the big wind and sand blowing areas of past years.

Weather must be considered as you plan and prepare for SIDD. Desert weather can vary and be sporadic. Cold: expect in the low 40’s at sun rise, expect wind and be prepared to deal with blowing sand. It will cool down just before sunrise and rapidly warm up after sunrise. Daytime temps can reach into the 80’s. Please take weather planning serious.

Lights. All riders must have and use lights that are considered legal for night riding.

Aid Stations. Our Aid Stations will have water, mostly packaged snacks, fresh fruit, Baked Goods, Hammer Products, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches with soda’s. Adobo Velo is providing hot dinner at mile 200. It is important that endurance cyclists train and compete using the same nutritional fuels. We ask you provide and carry your essential calories and electrolytes.

I am currently working with several vendors and we are planning on having t/shirts and jerseys and a variety of award items that can be displayed in your home or office.

If you have any questions or suggestions contact Hugh Murphy at <760> (264)<3370> or

Grand Tour Highland Quad Double-Double The Grand Tour Quad will retain its 24 hour Challenge and add a 36 hour Highland Quad Double-Double Option, either choice that’s 400 miles in one weekend and counts as two CTC double centuries.