Southern Inyo Double

“No Whimps or Whiners”

We ride, rain, shine, sleet, snow, wind, blowing sand, if the roads are open “We Ride”

This is a four season event. That means you must be prepared to deal with all four seasons in an 18 hour period  

photos by Victor  Cooper

Southern Inyo Double Century Saturday April 7, 2018
199 miles 8,100’gain

Comfort Inn (760) 876-8700
Lone Pine, California

Check In  at Comfort Inn
Friday 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm at Comfort Inn

Saturday Morning check               4:30-6:15. 
Start time: Staggered Start 5:00 -6:20 am

Rest Stops. Our rest stops will feature Hammer Products. We will also have some snacks and fruit. If this does not meet your nutritional needs you need to supply your own essential calories.

The course closes when last rider finishes.

Expect and prepare for a cool (in the low forties) start and expect and be prepared for daytime temperatures from 50 to 90 degrees. When the sun drops below the mountains in the late afternoon expect and be prepared for rapid temperature drop. It will feel cold. However, it should not be as cold as the morning start.

We are not doing bag drops.

You will return to the start/finish at mile 123 and again at mile 145. Keep in mind we are featuring Hammer Products, snacks, and fruit at the rest stops. If this doesn’t fit your needs you need to carry and provide your own essential calories. Double Century riders will pass the start/finish area twice. Parking at the start/finish will give you a safe place to store your needs

Lee’s Chevron opens at 3:30 am. They have a full service Deli. They make great breakfast burritos and made to order deli sandwiches. The deli closes at 5:00 pm. The do have hot chilly and soup available 24 hours a day. There is a Carls and Mc Donalds in Lone Pine They are open until 10 pm. There are several restaurants in Lone Pine, they usually close when business slows down. Plan ahead if your looking for a hot meal after the ride.

All riders must be able to perform all their own roadside repairs with a good attitude. Our support vehicles do not have mechanics or repair tools

Private SAG Private SAG vehicles are allowed, leap frog support only, no direct follow or vehicle to rider handoffs. All private sag members must sign a waiver and offer the same quality support that you are getting to other riders riding in yor vacinity.

Places to stay.                                     The Comfort Inn is the start/finish location and located two miles south of Lone Pine at the Junction of State Routes 395 and 136.                   Comfort Inn (760) 876-8700        There is a large lot on the north side of the Comfort Inn. This is the parking area for the event. It is ok to car and RV camp there. The Comfort Inn is located one mile south of Lone Pine at the junction of Hwy 395 and State Hwy 136 across from Lee’s Chevron.

If the Comfort Inn is full the closest motel to the Start/finish is the Best Western. The Best Western is one mile north of the start/finish and the other listed motels are two miles north of the start/finish.

Best Western. (760) 876-5571

Dow Villa. (760) 876-5521

Trails Motel. (800) 862-7020

Budget Inn. (760) 876-5655

Portal Motel. (760) 876-5930

California Vehicle Code
All riders must comply with the California Vehicle Code. All riders must have and use legal lighting systems during hours of twilight and darkness.

Like all desert rides in the California Triple Crown wind can be an issue  

The Course                                          The Southern Inyo Double is a beautiful course with many miles that resemble Death Valley. All riding is on well-maintained bicycle friendly state and county highways and byways. The course is set between Mount Whitney and Death Valley National Park. The scenic beauty is second to none. The film and automobile industry spend millions of dollars every year filming commercials and movies on these roads. You will be riding between the Sierra, the Inyo’s and Coso Range. You will ride around the Owens Dry Lake (Badwater’s Mother) past places like Dirty Socks, Keeler, the Alabama Hills the Olancha Sand Dunes. This area hasn’t changed in the last 150 years, other than well paved roads. It is the wild west as it was.