Inyo Ultra Cyclists

Southern Inyo by Moonlight
A California Triple Crown Double Century

We have two (2) spots open. They are $124.00 each PayPal only. Registration and payment must be completed by 6:00 pm Friday August 16, 2019

Registration Closes at 6:00 pm Friday
There is no day of event registration.


Saturday August 17, 2019

Entry Fee:
 Until August 09, 2019  $124.00.

To register email your name, mailing address, age on 01/01/2019, sex, cell phone number, and emergency contact cell number. Indicate the event you are participating in. Indicate if you are paying by PayPal or Check. We will either email you an itemized PayPal invoice or directions to proceed with the check. PayPal accepts most credit cards and we pay the processing fee. A PayPal account is not required. It is a simple and secure way to use your favorite credit or debit card. Email registration information to InyoUltra@gmail.com

Payment must be received by August 9, 2019 regardless of postmark or PayPal transaction date. Payments received after August 9, 2019 will not be processed and will be returned.

No Refunds, Ride, or Rider Substitutes for any reason.

Start/Finish and Host Motel

Economy Lodge
201 Inyokern Road
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
760 446-2551

 For Room Reservations Call 760 446-2551
$75.00 + tax- single (one bed)
$85.00 + tax- double (two beds)

Check In will be at the Economy Lodge at 5:00 pm. Ride start will be from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm. Last rider must be on the road by 7:00 pm. Slower riders should/must start closer to 6:00 pm.

Pre Ride Dinner is being catered by Adobo Velo, Duarte BFF Chapter. George Chung and Francis-Marion Ignacio, Hosts. Dinner will be served from 4:00 pm until 5:30 pm at the Economy Lodge.

Southern Inyo by Moonlight (SIM) is a medium / fast paced, no lolly gag  ride in California’s Mojave Desert. SIM is situated between the Southern Sierra, Mount Whitney, and Death Valley. Night riding in the desert is the ultimate cycling experience.

Hydration and nutrition are important. We expect you to have two large water bottles and a high capacity hydration bladder. (Camelbac). All riders should be experienced with a hydration supplement. Bring that supplement with you and use it. A hot double century is not the place to experiment with hydration or nutrition. Whatever you train with (drink and eat) on your daily rides is what you need to be using on this event.

We will have seven well stocked and well placed aid stations. We will have some Hammer product, snack and fruit.

Southern Inyo Double Century is an absolute beautiful event two days after the August full moon. When the moon rises from behind the Coso Range you should be able to see 100 miles or more while enjoying the eyegasmic fifth dimension of the Twilight Zone geoligy. The course has less than a handful of stop signs and just two traffic lights. The roads are silky smooth, easy to navigate, and extremely lightly traveled during the hours we will be on them.

Lights and vehicle code. All riders must have legal lighting systems with enough battery power for the distance. All riders must comply with the California Vehicle Code.

The course leaves Ridgecrest on West Highway 178 to Inyokern. From Inyokern take Brown Road north to Peasonville, then Highway 395 to Olancha and 190 to the Death Valley National Park boundary. Your return will be 190/136 to Lone Pine. Then 395 to Brown Road and 178 into Ridgecrest.

Iconic Highway 395 is considered the 13th most scenic/beautiful highway in the United States. Highway 395 runs along the base of the Southern Sierra. State Highway 190 and 136 are called the Death Valley Scenic Highway. We call SR 190 “The Highway to Hell” Join us and discover why.

Southern Inyo County is referred to as “The Land of Extremes” We have 100 days a year above 100 degrees and 100 nights a year below freezing. Sometimes both on the same day. Mount Whitney is the tallest peak in the continuous 48 states at 14,505′ and just 78 miles from Badwater in Death Valley National Park, which is the lowest point in the United States at -282 below sea level.

Expect temperatures in the high 90’s at the start and finish. It may drop down into the 50’s or 60’s in the early morning hours. The temperature will rapidly rise an hour or so after sunrise.

All riders must be prepared to deal with their roadside mechanical issues, with a good attitude. You are expected to have like new tires, a spare tire and spare tubes and the skills and ability to change them. Our support does not include mechanical support. We do not have replacement tires or tubes.