Southern Inyo Double Century and Century

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Inyo Ultra Cyclists InyoUltra@Gmail.comĀ is a loosely knit group of friends and riders that enjoy endurance cycling in the most scenic desert in the western United States.

We are located in Inyo County, California. We are bordered by the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Range and the Nevada border.

The Southern Inyo Double Century and Century are on a course that is situated between Mount Whitney and Death Valley National Park.

The course is on silky smooth roads with a couple of stop signs and one stop light. We have several fairly long climbs that are rewarded with equally long descents.

Wind can play a part in this event, as it did last year. The last loop of the course travels past two sand doons. If high velocity winds are in the forecast we have a different last loop to avoid the high winds and sand doons.

We have moved the date from the first week in March to the first Saturday in April. This moves us away from California’s traditional stormy months of January and February. A normal spring day in Southern Inyo County starts with a chilly morning that quickly warms up as the sun rises. We seldom have wind, usually light breezes then late in the day as the sun prepares to go down we usually get an hour or so of wind in the 5 to 10 mph range if there is a temperature shift. There usually is.

So far this year we have not had many windy days, we had major wind during the mega storm in January. We are surrounded by 10,000′ to 14,000′ mountains and peaks. The mountains act a a storm barrier for us. The mountains make it difficult for rain storms to get here. Thus, we are desert and like Death Valley a great place for a world class endurance adventure.