“NO Wimps, Whiners, or Slackers”

Virtual Double Century Schedule

Southern Inyo Fall Double Century
October 23 – November 23
200 mile-6,200′
Time Limit 20 hours.
Entry Fee $50

Southern Inyo “Fall” Double-Double Century
October 23 – November 23
200 mile, 6,200′ per day minimum.
Must be ridden on two consecutive days.
Time Limit 20 hours per day
Entry Fee $75.00


All rules are to be complied with.
Failure to comply will result in your results not being accepted.

The distance and altitude requirement is the minimum. If the requirement is 6,300′ and 200 miles, that is what it needs to be. 6,299′ and/or 199.9 miles will not be accepted.

I would suggest you plan and map your ride with RWGPS, Ride With GPS is a free App. that you can use to map and plan your route. It is best to add 10% to the climbing to avoid coming up short.

Your ride must be tracked and uploaded to Strava and a link to your Strava  data submitted to InyoUltra@ICloud.com within 48 hours of ride completion.

Upon receipt it will be checked for distance, altitude, and overall time. The results will be submitted to the California Triple Crown on your behalf.


To register please send:

Your Name, Address, Day phone, sex and age, club affiliation, and list the events your registering for to InyoUltra@ICloud.com

You will receive a request for payment from Paypal and a separate email with a waiver that needs to be signed and returned by email to complete registration.

Once registration is complete you can ride anytime during the 30 day event time period. Results must be submitted within 48 hours of completing said ride to InyoUltra@iCloud.com

The waiver must be signed and returned via email and payment received before registration is complete.
Please click on the following link for the waiver and submit it with your registration.

SIBM Waiver