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Southern Inyo Highland Double

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Southern Inyo Update:
For 2019 the Southern Inyo Double is scheduled for March 2, 2019 and has an all new course with a new start/finish location. The new venue, the EconoLodge in Ridgecrest, CA is one hour closer to Southern California, and for those coming by way of Bakersfield. Additionally, the EconoLodge offers a super low room rate with early check in and late check out options.

The new Double-Double option is approved by the California Triple Crown. Completion counts as two CTC Double Centuries.

This change has allowed for an all new “Lowland”, “Highland”, and “Double-Double” option. The Highland and Lowland share the first 80 miles. The Highland Double and the Double-Double share the first 200 miles. The last 200 miles of the Double-Double is last summer’s full moon double century course. The Double-Double has less than 17 overlapping repeated miles, gets CTC credit and counts as two doubles

The new Lowland Double has 199.3 miles and 7,785’ gain The Highland Double has 202.8 miles and 13,056’ gain. The Double-Double has 400.4 miles and 19,860’ of gain.

We currently have early bird pricing. These are the best prices we have and the best combined lodging/entry prices of all the spring CTC events.

Early Bird pricing ends January 14, 2019. Payment by PayPal must be received by 1/14/2019 or Payment by check must be post marked no later than 1/14/2019 to receive Early Bird prices.

The Southern Inyo Double Century scheduled for March 2, 2019 has a new Start/Finish location. The new location has enabled us to create  exciting new courses and events. The 2019 rendition has a Lowland, Highland, and Double-Double option.

The Southern Inyo Highland Double-Double (SIDD) is being added to the 2019 California Triple Crown Schedule. That’s two CTC doubles in one weekend.  Two fully supported doubles. That’s 400 miles and two Double Diamond and two CTC doubles in the books.

The Highland Double-Double course is two all new courses blended to give an awesome 400 mile course with only 17 miles of course overlap. The first 200 miles is the all new Southern Inyo Highland Double Century and the second 200 miles is the new Olancha-Death Valley  course we introduced on the 2018 Southern Inyo by Moonlight Double Century last summer.

The SIDD is March 2 & 3, 2019 the SIDD Staff Ride is March 15 & 16, 2019    These are the only two opportunities to ride this event.  All 400 miles MUST be ridden in the same weekend. The challenge is to ride 400 miles in one two day weekend.

Grand Tour Highland Quad Double-Double The Grand Tour Quad will retain its 24 hour Challenge and add a 36 hour Highland Quad Double-Double Option, either choice that’s 400 miles in one weekend and counts as two Double Diamond and two CTC double centuries.


Inyo Ultra
Double Diamond
Endurance  cycling Challenge

5 days 1,000 miles
Southern Inyo Highland/Lowland Double Century
Hemet Double Century
Grand Tour Highland/Lowland Double Century
Inyo by Moonlight Double Century
Dead of Winter Double Century


Inyo Ultra
Double Diamond
Ultra Elite
Endurance  Cycling Challenge.

 5 Days 1,400 Miles
Southern Inyo Highland Double-Double Century
Hemet Double Century
Grand Tour Highland Quad or Double-Double Century
Inyo by Moonlight Double Century
Dead of Winter Double Century